Soundly is music with a purpose. Music beyond entertainment.

More and more, people are using music in very specific ways: to help pump themselves up at the gym, to focus at work, and even get better sleep.

This new genre of music — “Functional Music” — is quietly soaring in digital popularity. You can find it dispersed across Spotify playlists, Youtube videos, popular meditation apps — it’s all over the place.

And frankly, it’s been all over the place for thousands of years. Chain gang work songs, the rain dance, religious worship, battle hymns; purposeful music has nearly always been a part of human culture in one way or another.

But over time we’re getting better at understanding how music can influence our bodies and minds. There’s been a big uptick in research and development over the past few decades in how to use audio to optimally influence a person’s physiology. These more recent understandings continue moving functional music to entirely new levels.

Who We Are

For more than three years, we’ve been pushing the boundaries of functional music with Pzizz, our app that helps people beat their insomnia and get great sleep.

We write pretty extensively about the Science behind Pzizz, and spend an enormous amount of time turning research into reality.

Our formula has proven pretty successful for Pzizz. But sleep isn’t the only area functional music can help with. And that’s why we’re introducing Soundly.

While Pzizz will continue to be sleep focused, Soundly will expand into a variety of areas including relaxation, meditation, focus, anxiety, stress reduction and a whole lot more.

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