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Fall asleep fast, stay asleep, and wakeup refreshed with Doze.

Upgrade your sleep experience with ultra-relaxing sounds and stories that are designed to give you incredible sleep.


Use this as a background
Text Color
Lighter background
#121933 -> #253266
Background gradient


Download Font
1X, 100% opacity, 130% line height.
Use for headings. Don't use ALLĀ CAPS.
Try to avoid headings longer than 3 lines.
0.5X-1X, 50-100% opacity, 130-160% line height.
Use for paragraphs, subheadings or contrast.
Make sure to create enough of contrast with both
Additional Notes
Best used on blue background like so. As with all logos, please make sure that logo has enough white space around it to see it clearly. Additionally, use the correct logo to match background and context.
Use Desktop Version Please